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You could keep your dental studio clean this way...

But, honestly, is this the best way?

Here’s a a look at the pros and cons of each option so you can decide for yourself.

Tech platform

Sure, they look shiny, but what’s under the hood? Platforms like Handy and Eden are only that; connecting customers looking for a cleaner with cleaners looking for work.

No reliability - No shows? You’re left scrambling to figure out a solution yourself.
No quality control - platforms literally and legally cannot tell cleaners how to do their job.
No management - No supervisor or team invested in the relationship's success.

Local cleaning company

They might get the job done, most of the time, but can you really rely on them as your business grows?

No ability or low ambition to grow and expand to other locations.
No focus on tech or efficiency or making data-driven decisions.
Little to no support team so you end up managing more than you need to.

Looking for a better option?

Meet Slate, a different kind of cleaning company.


Amazing cleaning every single time plus all the bells and whistles

More than just cleaning; you get a full admin team
A team leader as a single point of contact.
On-site quality control to guarantee satisfaction.
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Amazing Keepers

They do a great job, and are ready to help you as your business scales.

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All employees, not independent contractors.
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trusted, trained, insured, unifromed.
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We develop and manage our own cleaner care programs, making sure our cleaners feel their best so they can give their best to you.
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Exceptional Support

Avoid feeling helpless and skip the most common frustrations with our swift and stellar support.

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We work where you do; phone, video chat, email, in-app chat, or bring us into your slack workspace.
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Your own friendly, knowledgeable account manager to answer all your questions quickly and accurately.
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We proactively monitor our team so we can be sure we are providing you with the best clean possible.
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Local, everywhere

Our pool of candidates is so vast that we created an app to share them with other companies trying to find good cleaners, it’s called Heystack.

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One point of contact for all your locations, anywhere in the US.
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start with one location and focus on growth knowing you have cleaning solved, anywhere.
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We manage all the complexity of hiring and managing a distributed cleaning team.
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Customer Stories

Slate was exactly the sort of partner we needed, right from the start.

Case study
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Here's how it works:

Virtual Walkthrough

Schedule a time to walk us through your space through Facetime. We'll take notes and discuss your requirements in-depth, and respond to any inquiries.

Personalized Proposal

Within 24 hours, you will receive a personalized proposal. You can sign this proposal and provide your payment details online.


Your allocated cleaning team is accompanied by their Team Lead who will join on your first day of service to go through any extra preferences and get started!

A virtual walk through, just for you

Schedule a Walkthrough:

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Have questions?
Got answers:

Can’t see your question answered? Chat with us now!

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Do you provide cleaning supplies?

Yep. Most people want to use their own products, but we can help keep your supplies stocked in two ways: First, we have a cleaning-kit shopping list to get you started. Second, all our Keepers can let you know in the app when you are running low on any supply they use.

When do you charge my card?

When you sign up you'll build your service to fit your budget based on a combination of how often we come and how long we stay each time. If you added any tasks that took longer than what you originally booked for in the week, we'll just add it to your next charge. For example, if your service is 1 hour a day, 5 days a week but you requested additional tasks one day that required another hour, that extra hour will appear on your next invoice. We’ll remind you of this when you add new tasks, so you’ll always know what to expect.

What happens if I'm not happy?

You can see those features if you navigate to the individual site of the plan. Please let us know right away.  Call, chat or email.  We’ll do everything we can to make it right for you.  We don’t have a “one size fits all” resolution; we have a Customer Support Promise: the best support you get from anyone selling you anything.  We’ll do everything we can to meet that bar.

Who are your Keepers?

Our Keepers are the most hardworking, dedicated, loyal, kind people you could ever want to take care of your home. We tend to hire for character rather than experience; it's much easier to teach someone how to make a bed than to teach someone how to be proactive, friendly and courteous. We then help each fantastic person become an amazing Keeper through an in-depth two-week training program we developed.

What happens after I submit a booking?

You’ll get an email and sms notification confirming the details of your booking.  We’ll then get to work on assigning your Keeper.  Once a Keeper is assigned, usually within 24 hours, you’ll get an email confirmation with your Keepers name and arrival time.

How many Keepers come to a cleaning?

Most bookings under 5 hours are served by one Keeper.  For longer bookings, or for commercial bookings we might assign a crew of two or more.

Stop looking for a cleaner.
Start loving your Keeper.

A virtual walk through, just for you

Schedule a Walkthrough:

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What type of space needs cleaning?

Your space is special, but probably shares many
of the same challenges and requirements as other spaces in your industry.

Tell us a little bit more about your current cleaning set up.

This helps us understand how Slate can fit in and solve cleaning for you.
How do you keep your space(s) clean now?
Is something not working well with your current setup?

Tell us about your geographical footprint.

This helps our ops team start putting together a potential cleaning crew for you to review in your proposal.
Number of locations
Main Business address

Let's wrap this up.

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