How much should I pay for cleaning in Seattle?

February 26, 2024
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Miguel Zabludovsky
February 26, 2024

As Seattle continues to buzz with its unique blend of urban life and natural beauty, the need for reliable cleaning services has become a key aspect of living and working in the city. For those wondering about the cost of keeping their homes or offices spotless, this article aims to shed light on the various pricing and rate options for cleaning services in Seattle. We'll take a closer look at what factors typically affect these costs, from the type of cleaning needed to the frequency and size of the space. Whether you're a busy professional seeking a helping hand for your apartment, or a business owner in need of regular commercial cleaning, our guide will help you understand the pricing landscape, ensuring you find a service that fits both your needs and your budget.

Factors Affecting Cleaning Service Pricing

1. Types of Cleaning Services Offered

The specific cleaning service you seek will naturally impact the overall costs.

  • Commercial Cleaning Services: Geared towards businesses and offices, commercial cleaning ensures your professional spaces maintain a pristine reputation. These services often deploy specialized equipment and may carry a higher price tag because of the meticulous standards required.
  • House Cleaning Services: Residential cleaning, from apartments to full-sized houses, is typically what most people think of when hiring a cleaner. These services might be less intensive than commercial ones but can vary depending on the depth of cleaning required.
  • Deep Cleaning Services: Delving beyond standard cleaning, deep cleaning penetrates those hidden corners and crevices. This service can involve cleaning cabinets, reaching under furniture, and ensuring no detail is missed.
  • Carpet Cleaning: Carpets trap dirt, stains, and allergens. Specialized carpet cleaning rejuvenates your floor coverings, making them look, feel, and smell fresh.
  • Custom Cleaning: Not every cleaning job fits a mold. Custom cleaning tailors the service to your specific needs, focusing on laundry, bathrooms, or other unique areas.

 2. Pricing Structures 

  • Flat Rate Pricing: Some prefer the predictability of simple flat pricing. It's often based on the number of bedrooms or the square feet of the property. A flat-rate cleaning package assures you of a fixed cost regardless of the exact cleaning time expended.
  • Hourly Rates: Some services charge per hour, giving you the flexibility to determine the cleaning time. The hourly package price will thus vary depending on the hours consumed.

3. Consideration of Supplies 

The products and tools used during the cleaning process can also affect your bill.

  • Own Cleaning Supplies: Some residents in Seattle prefer to provide their cleaning supplies. Doing so might reduce the cost, but ensure your supplies meet the cleaner's standards.
  • Green Products: With a growing emphasis on sustainability, many cleaning companies now offer eco-friendly cleaning products, which might carry a slightly different price tag.

4. Other Cost Determinants

When considering the price of cleaning services, whether from individual cleaners or a cleaning company, several other factors come into play:

  • Size and Layout: The number of bedrooms, additional bathrooms, and overall square feet of your residence can greatly influence costs. A three-bedroom house will typically cost more than a one-bedroom apartment.
  • Frequency: Recurring service might provide better value, as companies often offer discounts for regular engagements compared to one-off cleaning jobs.
  • Special Requirements: If you have custom jobs, such as laundry or focused cleaning on specific areas like cabinets, expect price variations.

What's the Average Going Rate?

Research indicates that the average price for cleaning services in Seattle is around $122 per hour. For individual house cleaners, rates might hover closer to $30 per hour. However, bear in mind that professional cleaning companies offer reliability, background checks, and trained personnel. The convenience and peace of mind might justify the slightly higher price.

Flat Rate vs. Hourly Cleaning Services: Navigating Seattle's Pricing Landscape

Some prefer the predictability of simple flat pricing. It's often based on the number of bedrooms or the square feet of the property. A flat-rate cleaning package assures you of a fixed cost regardless of the exact cleaning time expended.

Some services charge per hour, giving you the flexibility to determine the cleaning time. The hourly package price will thus vary depending on the hours consumed.

Flat Rate Cleaning Explained

Flat rate pricing primarily depends on the number of rooms, offices, and occasionally, the square footage of the area in question. 

To compare flat rate services with hourly quotes, calculate an effective hourly rate. Simply divide the flat rate by the specified maximum hours. For instance, if charges $149 for cleaning a one-bedroom, one-bathroom apartment under 1,000 square feet, you can determine the hourly cost by considering the time they estimate to complete the job.

The Appeal of Hourly Cleaning Services

While flat rate services may sometimes prompt cleaners to finish hastily to maximize earnings, hourly rate services can provide more consistent quality.

  • Slate's Flexibility: Unlike some competitors, Slate charges hourly, ensuring quality isn't compromised. Furthermore, our rates, averaging $50 per hour, are highly competitive, especially when compared to Seatown Cleaners $105/hour or House Cleaning 4U's $100/hour.

Decoding Commercial Cleaning Costs in Seattle

After surveying 30 top-rated Seattle cleaning companies on Yelp, the average hourly rate stands around $122. While some services may charge below $67 per hour, remember the age-old adage: you get what you pay for.

Hiring an individual cleaner could drop rates to around $30 per hour. However, the reliability, professionalism, and added benefits of a cleaning company typically justify the higher rates.

The hourly rates encompass more than just the cleaner's salary. Factors like insurance, customer support, and hiring expenses contribute significantly.

Inside Slate's Pricing Model

Slate ensures the highest standards by compensating their cleaners well above the Seattle minimum wage. Here's a breakdown:

  • Cleaners' wage: $20/hour
  • Wage-related expenses (e.g., workers comp, insurance): +$10
  • Overheads like customer support and hiring: +$10
  • Profit and taxes: +$10
  • Resulting in Slate's base rate: $50/hour

So, Who Gets the Cleaning Gig: A Solo Housecleaner or a Seattle Cleaning Company?

Making the right choice in the Seattle cleaning scene can be perplexing, especially when weighing the advantages and disadvantages of hiring a direct house cleaning service against those of collaborating with an established cleaning company. Here’s an in-depth analysis to aid your decision:

Hiring House Cleaning Services Directly:


  • Cost-Effective: Generally, employing a house cleaner directly can be more wallet-friendly than securing services from a commercial entity.
  • Personal Touch: Establishing a direct relationship with your house cleaner fosters clearer communication and a better grasp of your specific home cleaning needs. This often translates to a cleaning routine that perfectly aligns with your expectations, providing a sense of homeliness.
  • Customizable Standard Cleaning: You can discuss and tailor what "standard cleaning" entails, ensuring that your cleaner focuses on areas you deem most important in your home.


  • Flexibility Demands: The onus of flexibility rests squarely on your shoulders when hiring directly. If, for any reason, your house cleaner doesn’t turn up, they might not have a replacement ready, leaving you in a lurch.
  • Thorough Vetting Required: The responsibility of screening lies with you. Individual house cleaners, unlike their counterparts in professional companies, might not have had extensive background checks or validation of their references. This means investing more effort and time on your part to guarantee you're bringing a reliable person into your home.

Engaging a Cleaning Company in Seattle:


  • Professionalism at its Best: Prestigious cleaning companies, such as Slate, promise unwavering, top-tier services. Their modus operandi, from exhaustive background vetting to all-encompassing training sessions, guarantees that your home cleaning is in the hands of the industry's finest.
  • Peace of Mind: Such companies often come equipped with insurance, shielding you from potential unforeseen accidents or mishaps during the cleaning regimen.
  • Guaranteed Service: With stalwarts like Slate, even if your dedicated cleaner (or "Keeper") is indisposed, they pledge that another equally skilled and trustworthy professional fills in, ensuring a seamless service experience.
  • Full-fledged Support: Prominent cleaning firms bolster their services with specialized customer support divisions to redress grievances, organize schedules, and manage any feedback or snags you might encounter.


  • Potentially Higher Expenditure: While opting for an accomplished company might seem pricier upfront, the myriad added benefits and assurance they bring often make it a reasonable investment.
  • Less Intimate: Even though companies like Slate strive to offer a regular house cleaner for uniformity, some might rotate different professionals each session. This might make the process feel less personalized, but the standard of cleaning invariably remains unparalleled.

Choosing between a direct house cleaner and a professional cleaning company boils down to personal preference. If you prioritize cost-effectiveness and a personal touch, hiring directly might be for you. However, if you value reliability, professionalism, and peace of mind, opting for a company like Slate might be the best choice. In the ever-busy Seattle lifestyle, many find that the assurance and consistency offered by professional cleaning companies offer unmatched convenience and quality. 

Whether you're an over-scheduled homeowner or just someone in pursuit of impeccable cleaning services, leaning towards a revered company like Slate might be the smartest move you can make.

Cleaning Service Seattle Price: $122/hr is the Benchmark

Based on an extensive review of the top 30 cleaning companies listed on Yelp, we've pinpointed the average hourly rate to be around $122.


When deciphering the costs, we adopted a comprehensive approach to ensure accuracy:

  • Direct Hourly Rates: If a company presented their services with clear hourly rates, that's the figure we took.
  • Flat Rates – The Basics: For companies that employed flat rate pricing, we considered the cost of their standard cleaning service for a 1 bed/1 bath residence.
  • Flat Rates with Time Indicators: Some companies, in their "flat rate pricing includes" section, would specify the maximum hours covered by their flat rates. In such instances, we used this duration to calculate the equivalent hourly rate.
  • Flat Rates without Time Clarity: In cases where companies did not provide a clear indication of the hours their flat rate covered, we leaned on industry norms. On average, companies allocate about 2.5 hours for standard cleaning of a 1 bed/1 bath home— a generous estimate that we've used for our calculations.

Why Slate Stands Out - $50 BASE RATE

Slate offers a unique blend of both worlds. They provide great service without compromising on affordability. With a transparent hourly rate of $50, clients know they're getting value for their money. This rate covers background checks, insurance, and other operational costs, ensuring clients get top-tier service.

The added benefit? A consistent and regular cleaner, so you won’t be dealing with strangers every week. Moreover, if your regular cleaner is unavailable, Slate ensures you’re still covered. 

Revitalize Your Seattle Home with Slate's Expert Touch

Finding the right cleaning service can often feel like an endless quest. However, with Slate, this task becomes effortlessly simple. Enter a world where each cleaning task is performed with unmatched precision and care, turning every corner of your space into a showcase of cleanliness and order.

Secure your free quote online in just 60 seconds, a process as swift as our cleaning services. Manage all your cleaning needs with ease, whether you're on your phone or at your computer. Plus, gain confidence in knowing that our Slate Keepers are not just highly skilled and trained, but also rigorously vetted and insured, ensuring top-notch service for your peace of mind.

Book a consultation with us to experience house cleaning services that not only meet but redefine your expectations. Your Seattle home is a sanctuary deserving the finest care, and Slate is here to provide just that - impeccable cleanliness tailored to your lifestyle.


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