The Top 4 Benefits of Vacation Rental Cleaning Services

December 3, 2021
Written By
Miguel Zabludovsky
December 3, 2021

Own an apartment or home that you want to profit from? Rent it out as a vacation house for out-of-towners or tourists! It’ll save them the hassle of booking a hotel (which is pricier in comparison) and allows you to earn on the side!

That means the space has to be spic and span each time guests book—and you may not have time for that since you’re already busy with your primary line of work. Instead of tidying up yourself or requiring guests to do so, you can hire home cleaning services for that and enjoy these top four benefits:

World-Class Cleanliness

Home cleaning professionals will do their utmost to ensure your space follows high standards of cleanliness! They won’t just wipe, scrub, or polish surfaces to keep them dust-free; they’ll also sanitize and disinfect high-touch areas to prevent the spread of germs or bacteria, protocols you may overlook if you’re undertaking the cleaning yourself.

These providers may also offer plumbing, electrical rewiring, mold remediation, or even pest control! Always check what they offer before signing a contract to get the most out of your cleaners.

Bear in mind that your goal as a vacation rental is to keep guests comfy and safe during their visit.

Rating Increase

A clean, well-maintained house improves the quality of your guests’ stay. They’ll wake up daily to the look and smell of pristine living quarters that feel just like their own home (or perhaps even better)! Subsequently, they will greatly appreciate your efforts and be more than happy to leave a glowing review.

Excellent ratings on Google Maps, TripAdvisor, and Airbnb act as your marketing and hopefully attract the right kind of customers who want to book a stay at your vacation rental.

To summarize: a clean living space means happy clients. Happy clients mean high reviews. High reviews mean attracting more vacationers. And more vacationers mean more income.

Better Turnover Rates

Once you own a vacation home, you need to get it ready in the quickest time possible to profit from it. Since you don’t have the time to work on it yourself, hiring home cleaning services will save you time and effort. It has a cost, but the faster you make the house available to guests, the quicker you can recoup your expenditures.

The same logic applies to when your home is taking in guests. The location needs to be ready for the next group immediately once the current vacationers check out. Not attending to this could lead to lost income opportunities! As soon as the first customers are out, book a home cleaning service to tidy up the place and ready it for the next guests.

A one-day turnover rate is the best in either instance. It shows customers you are committed to taking in guests through punctuality and provides you with a steady income stream, meaning you can recoup those expenses quicker than expected.

Real-Time Updates

The last benefit of hiring a home cleaning service is that they act as your on-site staff whenever they visit. They can provide you with regular updates on the condition of a particular area or if certain supplies need restocking, such as water, toilet paper, cotton balls, shampoo, etc. Communicate this need with them, so your guests always have what they need.

In Closing, Hire Professional Cleaners

Cleaning a vacation rental can take up to a day if you’re handling it yourself. To save time, money, and effort while maximizing profits, hire professional cleaners to do it for you. It is an investment that goes a long way to making your life easier, keeping your customers happy, and ensuring that your vacation home is always clean, ready, and inviting to future clients.

Need vacation home cleaning services for your property? Hire the professionals from Slate NYC right now! We’re a highly recommended company that provides budget-friendly cleaning for busy New Yorkers! Schedule a virtual walk-through with us today!


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