The Importance of Specialized Cleaning Equipment For Artworks

February 25, 2022
Written By
Miguel Zabludovsky
February 25, 2022

Cleaning and upkeep are an important part of running a museum or gallery. However, one of the most difficult difficulties that museum and gallery owners will confront is how to safeguard their exhibits from dust.

In a museum or gallery, dust can cause a variety of problems, including the following:

  • Dust degrades the aesthetics of your collection.
  • Because dust is abrasive and acidic, it can harm the materials it collects.
  • Dust is a food source for bacteria since it contains pollen, skin cells, and insect parts.
  • Because dust draws water, it can discolor and damage the object it has accumulated on and promote bacterial development.

Should You Hire A Professional Cleaning Company?

With professional commercial cleaning services, you guarantee that all parts of your property, including exhibits and storage facilities, are clean and dust-free by using the necessary equipment.

Many museums and fine art cleaning systems are available from some cleaning professionals. These specialized tools are meant to be used with our high-level cleaning equipment in museum and gallery settings. On the other hand, the equipment is beneficial for cleaning ancient buildings and other locations where dust collects.

Dust is removed from places across museums and galleries using these cleaning tools and high-level cleaning equipment. Reaching high-level regions is one of the most difficult challenges workers confront when cleaning these surroundings.

Dust can be flammable, posing a risk to your museum or gallery's workers and visitors. When combined with air, it can catch fire and explode. To guarantee that dust does not combust, non-sparking and anti-static equipment are required.

Cleaning systems are completely conductive and use carbon poles with a diameter of 38mm. This ensures that the system operates without the risk of sparks or static, allowing it to be employed in enclosed explosive environments.

Some of the features of a museum and gallery cleaning equipment are as follows:

Innovative Specialized Brushes

Professional cleaning services in NYC provide many specialty brush attachments and products that are extremely effective at cleaning up close, making them ideal for dust removal. The brushes' bristles are composed of goat hair, making them softer and less abrasive. As a result, they're ideal for cleaning artwork or museum exhibits.

A micro brush kit is also available for cleaning the tiniest details of exhibits in galleries and museums. These brush kits are one-of-a-kind, allowing users to securely clean delicate objects while eliminating all dust from the surface.

Modifications to the Vacuum System

This is a power controller that adjusts the vacuum's suction settings so that dust may be removed from sensitive things without causing harm. As a result, it's perfect for dusting paintings, sculptures, and tapestries.

This cleaning equipment was created to be used in specialized conditions. They allow a single operator to safely clean high-level locations without leaving the ground. Cleaning sensitive artworks, antiquities, and other fragile artifacts by adding a specific attachment to these cleaning instruments.

Cleaning Equipment Specific For Handling Delicate Artworks

Cleaning artwork without causing damage is a major problem for gallery owners and those with private art collections. Cleaning is not an option since allowing dust to develop on a painting or sculpture's surface might permanently destroy the piece. Dust will also detract from the attractiveness of the artwork and make the display appear untidy.


Hiring a cleaning company in NYC provides cleaning solutions that successfully clean sensitive artworks and high-level settings in museums and historic residences by combining distinctive designs with revolutionary technologies.

Slate NYC provides top-rated home and professional cleaning services in NYC. We ensure that our services are reasonably priced for busy New Yorkers like you. Book us today!


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