How To Effectively Evaluate Proposals From Commercial Cleaning Companies

April 13, 2022
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Miguel Zabludovsky
April 13, 2022

Preparing to hire a cleaning company for your business or office? Slate NYC has a new tool to help you compare quotes from commercial cleaning companies in NYC and beyond. Here’s how it works.

Decide What Attributes Are Most Important To You

Let’s start by understanding your needs and what attributes are most important to you when hiring a cleaning company in NYC.  Attributes you may consider important when choosing a commercial cleaning company include price, duration, dependability, consistency, environmental friendliness, and communication. For example, price may be the most important attribute to you when searching for a commercial cleaning company but you may also highly value commercial cleaning services that you can trust are reliable and consistent. If you won’t be in the office during the cleaning services, maybe friendliness doesn’t matter as much to you but communication is still an important factor to make sure you are on the same page with the cleaning service you hire.

Weighing Attributes In The Slate Comparison Tool

When you open up the Slate Comparison Tool, you’ll see that the first column lists attributes of cleaning services and the second column gives you the opportunity to put a “weight” to each attribute. For example, if you decide price is the most important factor, you may give it a percentage weight of 30%, closely followed by another important factor, such as communication at 25%. From there, you can weigh other attributions that you still find important but lesser so until you reach 100% for your total score.

Choose Cleaning Service Providers in NYC To Compare

Once you have weighed the importance of a variety of commercial cleaning service attributes, it’s time to choose the companies you would like to compare. These may include cleaning services you’ve had colleagues or friends refer to you, cleaning providers you’ve found online and cleaning companies you’ve used in the past or are using currently. A few New York City cleaning companies you may include in your comparison are Slate NYC,  MyClean, MaidSailor and ZenHomeCleaning.

Comparing Cleaning Services In The Slate Comparison Tool

Once you’ve decided on a few cleaning service companies in NYC to compare, adding them to the comparison tool is easy. You can compare up to four companies from the blue drop down columns, after the weight % column, in the Slate Comparison Tool. After you select companies to compare, their scores will automatically load into the spreadsheet. Now, they are ready for your review!

Evaluating Commercial Cleaning Companies Based On Their Comparison Score

Check the scores of each of the cleaning service companies you compared at the bottom of the Slate Comparison Tool. You’ll notice that the highest scoring company will be highlighted in green. Based on the weight you put on each attribute, this is the NYC cleaning company best matched to your needs. If you still aren’t sure if this company is the right fit for you, you can compare other companies, change the weights you applied to each attribute or add/remove certain attributes. The Comparison Tool will automatically update with your changes, making finding you the best commercial cleaning company in NYC as easy and quick as possible!

Slate's Cleaning Proposal Comparison Tool

Here's the link to access the tool:

This is a read only file. To get a copy that you an edit, click on File -> Make Copy.


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