How much should I pay for cleaning in San Diego?

January 31, 2024
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Miguel Zabludovsky
January 31, 2024

San Diego mirrors the increasing demand for quality house cleaning services. If you're seeking information on professional house cleaning services in San Diego, you've come to the right place. Whether it's a cozy beachfront apartment or a sprawling suburban home, understanding the pricing and rates of cleaning services in this bustling Californian city is essential.

Key Factors Influencing Cleaning Service Costs in San Diego

1. Variety of Cleaning Services

San Diego's diverse housing landscape calls for a range of cleaning services, each with its unique pricing structure.

  • Commercial Cleaning Services: Ideal for business spaces in San Diego, these professional cleaning services are tailored to maintain a corporate standard.
  • House Cleaning Services: Catering to the residential sectors of San Diego, CA, these services vary from routine house cleaning to more involved tasks.
  • Deep Cleaning Services: A step beyond regular cleaning, deep cleaning services in San Diego focus on those often-neglected nooks and crannies.
  • Carpet Cleaning: Essential for removing the beach sand and dirt that San Diego homes might accumulate.
  • Custom Cleaning: Tailored services, including using your own cleaning supplies, to meet specific San Diego lifestyles.

2. Pricing Structures in San Diego's Cleaning Services

  • Flat Rate Pricing: A popular choice for San Diego residents, offering clear costs based on house size.
  • Hourly Rates: Flexible and based on the duration of the cleaning service, suitable for both small apartments and larger homes in San Diego.

3. Supplies and Equipment

  • Own Cleaning Supplies: An option for those in San Diego who prefer personal cleaning supplies, potentially reducing costs.
  • Eco-friendly Products: Reflecting San Diego’s environmental consciousness, many services offer green cleaning options.

4. Additional Cost Determinants

  • Property Size: In San Diego, larger homes like those in La Jolla or Del Mar might incur higher costs.
  • Frequency: Regular cleaning services in San Diego often come with discounts.
  • Special Requirements: Unique requests, like focusing on specific areas, can alter costs.

Recent research suggests that the average rate for cleaning services in San Diego is approximately $60 per hour. Individual house cleaners might offer their services at rates closer to $35 per hour. It's important to note, however, that professional cleaning companies in San Diego bring added benefits like reliability, thorough background checks, and well-trained staff. The extra cost is often justified by the enhanced convenience and peace of mind they provide.

Flat Rate vs. Hourly Cleaning Services: Understanding San Diego's Pricing Dynamics

San Diego's diverse and dynamic lifestyle offers various options for house cleaning services, with different pricing models to suit different needs.

Flat Rate Cleaning Services

A popular choice among San Diego residents, flat rate pricing is typically based on specific criteria such as the number of bedrooms or the total square footage of the property. Opting for a flat rate cleaning package means you'll know the cost upfront, providing a sense of financial predictability regardless of the time spent on cleaning.

Hourly Cleaning Services

Alternatively, some San Diego cleaning services charge by the hour. This option offers flexibility, allowing you to decide how long the cleaning crew spends in your home. The final cost varies depending on the number of hours worked.

Breaking Down Flat Rate Cleaning in San Diego

In San Diego's competitive cleaning market, flat rate pricing is often contingent on the size and type of property. For example, a typical rate for cleaning a one-bedroom, one-bathroom apartment in a San Diego neighborhood might be $155 for an area under 1,000 square feet. To assess the value, consider the estimated time it takes to complete the cleaning job and calculate the effective hourly rate from there.

The Advantage of Hourly Cleaning Services in San Diego

While flat rate services in San Diego might lead to hurried work for maximizing profit, hourly cleaning services often assure more consistent and thorough cleaning quality.

Flexibility with San Diego's Slate Services

In the competitive San Diego market, Slate stands out by charging on an hourly basis. This approach ensures that the quality of cleaning isn't sacrificed for speed. Slate's rates in San Diego, averaging around $62 per hour, are quite competitive, especially when compared to other local services like Handy San Diego at $75/hour or Maid 2 Clean San Diego branch at $93/hour.

Understanding Commercial Cleaning Costs in San Diego

A survey of top-rated cleaning companies in San Diego, as listed on Yelp and other platforms, reveals that the average hourly rate is approximately $62. While some services in San Diego offer rates slightly lower, around $56 per hour, it's essential to remember that quality often correlates with price.

Opting for an individual house cleaner in San Diego can reduce rates to about $35 per hour. However, the professionalism, reliability, and additional benefits provided by a company often justify a higher price.

These hourly rates in San Diego's cleaning industry include various factors beyond the cleaner's wage, such as insurance, customer support, and recruitment costs.

Inside Slate's San Diego Pricing Model

Slate prides itself on maintaining high standards in San Diego by offering competitive compensation to its cleaners, well above the local minimum wage. Here's a brief breakdown of their pricing structure:

  • Cleaner's wage: $22/hour
  • Wage-related expenses (like workers' compensation, insurance): +$12
  • Operational overheads (customer support, hiring costs): +$11
  • Profit and taxes: +$10

This culminates in a base rate of about $55/hour for Slate's services in San Diego.

Deciding Between a Solo House Cleaner or a San Diego Cleaning Company

Choosing the right cleaning service in San Diego, CA, can be challenging, especially when considering the pros and cons of hiring an independent house cleaner versus a professional cleaning company. Here's a comprehensive analysis to help San Diego residents make an informed decision:

Hiring A House Cleaner in San Diego Directly:


  • Cost-Effective: Generally, San Diego residents may find it more budget-friendly to hire a house cleaner directly compared to a commercial cleaning service.
  • Personal Touch: Directly hiring a house cleaner in San Diego allows for more transparent communication and a personalized cleaning experience that meets your specific needs.
  • Customizable Cleaning: You have the flexibility to define what "standard cleaning" entails, focusing on areas most important to you.


  • Flexibility Demands: When you hire directly in San Diego, the responsibility of managing schedules and backups rests with you, which can be inconvenient.
  • Thorough Vetting Required: It's up to you to thoroughly check the background and references of your house cleaner, ensuring they're trustworthy and reliable.

Engaging a Professional House Cleaning Company in San Diego:


  • Professionalism: Top-tier cleaning companies in San Diego, like Slate, provide professional, high-quality services with extensively vetted and trained staff.
  • Peace of Mind: These companies often offer insurance, protecting you from any accidents or issues during the cleaning process.
  • Guaranteed Service: Professional companies in San Diego ensure consistent service, even if your regular cleaner is unavailable, by providing a skilled replacement.


  • Higher Costs: Opting for a professional cleaning service in San Diego can be more expensive, but the added benefits often justify the investment.
  • Less Personal: While companies strive to maintain consistency, the rotation of cleaning staff might make the service feel less personalized.

Making the Choice in San Diego

In San Diego, the decision between hiring an individual house cleaner or a professional cleaning company depends on your priorities. If cost and a personalized approach are your main concerns, a solo house cleaner might be your best bet. However, if you value reliability, professionalism, and peace of mind, a professional cleaning company like Slate is a suitable option. In the bustling San Diego lifestyle, many residents appreciate the consistency and convenience offered by professional cleaning services.

Whether you're busy with work and family or simply seeking top-notch cleaning services, choosing a renowned company in San Diego for your cleaning needs could be your smartest decision.

House Cleaning Service San Diego Price: Setting the Standard at $62/hr

In an in-depth analysis of the top 30 cleaning companies listed on Yelp and other directories in San Diego, the average hourly rate for house cleaning services is around $65. This benchmark reflects the current market rates in this bustling Californian city.

Methodology for Determining San Diego's Cleaning Rates:

Our approach to understanding the pricing landscape in San Diego involved several steps to ensure accuracy:

  • Direct Hourly Rates: When companies explicitly listed their hourly rates, these figures were directly used in our calculations.
  • Flat Rates – The Basics: For companies utilizing flat rate pricing, we examined the cost of standard cleaning services for a 1 bedroom/1 bathroom residence in San Diego.
  • Flat Rates with Time Indicators: Where companies specified the maximum hours included in their flat rates, this information was used to calculate an equivalent hourly rate.
  • Flat Rates without Time Clarity: In situations where the duration covered by the flat rate wasn't clear, we relied on industry norms in San Diego. Typically, companies allocate about 2.5 hours for standard cleaning of a small residence, and this estimate was used for our calculations.

Why Slate's San Diego Service Stands Out - $62 BASE RATE

Slate in San Diego offers a compelling balance between quality and affordability. With an hourly rate of $62, clients are assured of receiving excellent value for their investment. This rate encompasses thorough background checks, insurance, and operational costs, guaranteeing top-tier service.

The additional advantage with Slate is the consistency of service – you'll see the same cleaner regularly, fostering a sense of familiarity and trust. In case your regular cleaner isn't available, Slate in San Diego ensures that a substitute of equal skill and reliability is provided.

Begin Your San Diego Cleaning Experience with Slate

Finding the perfect cleaning service in the diverse neighborhoods of San Diego can be daunting. But Slate simplifies this process. Experience a world-class cleaning service where every detail is handled with precision and care.

Request a free online quote from Slate in under a minute. Manage all your cleaning appointments effortlessly via your smartphone or computer. Enjoy the reassurance that comes with knowing our local team in San Diego is not only experienced and trained but also thoroughly vetted and insured.

Book a consultation with Slate to discover a professional house cleaning service in San Diego that surpasses expectations. Your home deserves the utmost care, and Slate is committed to delivering excellence.


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