How much should I pay for cleaning in Chicago?

February 12, 2024
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Miguel Zabludovsky
February 12, 2024

Chicago is known for its diverse neighborhoods and fast-paced lifestyle. With the ever-increasing demand for cleaning services in the Windy City, understanding the pricing and rates of these services becomes crucial. Whether it's for a high-rise apartment, a cozy home in the suburbs, or a commercial space, Chicago's cleaning services cater to a variety of needs. Here's what you can expect when searching for house cleaning services or professional cleaning services.

Factors Influencing Cleaning Service Pricing

Types of Cleaning Services Offered

  1. Commercial Cleaning Services: Essential for businesses, offering thorough cleaning with specialized equipment.
  2. Residential House Cleaning Services: Tailored for homes, including basic cleaning and deep cleaning options.
  3. Deep Cleaning: An intensive cleaning service covering every nook and cranny.
  4. Carpet Cleaning: Specialized cleaning for carpets is vital for maintaining a healthy living environment.
  5. Custom Cleaning Jobs: Designed to meet unique cleaning needs, whether it’s weekly cleaning services or one-time cleaning services.

Pricing Structures

  1. Flat Rate Pricing: Ideal for those who prefer knowing the exact cost upfront, often based on the size of the property.
  2. Hourly Rates: This flexible option is charged per hour, perfect for both one-time and recurring cleaning jobs.
  3. Supply Costs: The choice of cleaning supplies, including green products, can affect overall pricing.
  4. Additional Factors: Size of the property, frequency of cleaning, and specific tasks like basic cleaning or deep cleaning.

Average Cleaning Service Rates in Chicago

Research in Chicago shows that the average cleaning service price typically revolves around $50 per hour. For individual house cleaners, rates may be closer to $50 per hour.

Flat Rate vs. Hourly Cleaning Services: Understanding Chicago's Pricing Dynamics

Flat rate pricing, often based on property size or room count, provides a predictable cost for cleaning services. In contrast, hourly rates offer flexibility, allowing you to control the cleaning duration. The price for these hourly services will vary based on the time spent cleaning.

Detailed Look at Flat Rate Cleaning in Chicago

Flat rate cleaning in Chicago typically considers the number of rooms and sometimes the property's square footage. To assess the value, compare the flat rate to an equivalent hourly rate by dividing the flat cost by the estimated hours of cleaning.

The Advantage of Hourly Cleaning Services in Chicago

While flat-rate cleaning might sometimes lead to rushed jobs, hourly services in Chicago tend to ensure more consistent and thorough cleaning.

  • Slate's Competitive Edge in Chicago: Slate stands out in Chicago with its hourly charging model, prioritizing quality over speed. Their competitive rate of $50 per hour is attractive, especially when compared to other local services with higher rates.

Navigating Commercial Cleaning Costs in Chicago

A survey of top-rated Chicago cleaning companies shows an average hourly rate of about $50. Lower rates might be available, but often, higher prices correlate with better quality services.

Inside Slate's Chicago Pricing Model

Slate ensures the highest standards by compensating their cleaners well above the Chicago minimum wage. Here's a breakdown:

  • Cleaners' wage: $20/hour
  • Wage-related expenses (e.g., workers comp, insurance): +$10
  • Overheads like customer support and hiring: +$10
  • Profit and taxes: +$10
  • Resulting in Slate's base rate in Chicago: $50/hour

Choosing Your Cleaning Service in Chicago: Individual Cleaner or Company?

Deciding between an individual house cleaner or a professional cleaning company in Chicago depends on your specific needs and preferences. If personalized service and cost-effectiveness are your priorities, an individual cleaner might be suitable. However, for reliability and professionalism, a company like Slate is often the better choice.

House Cleaning Service Austin Price: $50/hr is the Benchmark

In Chicago, the going rate for cleaning services is comparable to other major cities. On average, house cleaning companies and individual house cleaners may charge around $50 per hour. Professional cleaning services often provide the reliability and thoroughness that justify this cost.


When deciphering the costs, we adopted a comprehensive approach to ensure accuracy:

  • Direct Hourly Rates: If a company presented their services with clear hourly rates, that's the figure we took.
  • Flat Rates – The Basics: For companies that employed flat rate pricing, we considered the cost of their standard cleaning service for a 1 bed/1 bath residence.
  • Flat Rates with Time Indicators: Some companies, in their "flat rate pricing includes" section, would specify the maximum hours covered by their flat rates. In such instances, we used this duration to calculate the equivalent hourly rate.
  • Flat Rates without Time Clarity: In cases where companies did not provide a clear indication of the hours their flat rate covered, we leaned on industry norms. On average, companies allocate about 2.5 hours for standard cleaning of a 1 bed/1 bath home— a generous estimate that we've used for our calculations.

Choosing a Cleaning Service in Chicago

When looking for house cleaning services in Chicago, consider if you prefer the personal touch of individual house cleaners or the professional approach of house cleaning companies. Cleaning companies often offer a range of services, from basic cleaning to deep cleaning, and can cater to both one-time and recurring needs.

Why Slate Stands Out in Chicago - $50 BASE RATE

Slate merges exceptional quality with affordability in the heart of Chicago. Offering a straightforward hourly rate of $50, clients can expect top-notch service without breaking the bank. This rate includes comprehensive background checks, insurance, and other operational expenses, ensuring you receive only the finest service.

One of Slate's standout features? A consistent and regular cleaner. This means no more adjusting to new faces every week. And if your regular cleaner can't make it, Slate guarantees a backup to maintain the continuity of service.

Your Trusted Cleaning Partner in the Chicago area

Finding the right cleaning service in Chicago's dynamic urban landscape can seem overwhelming. Slate makes this choice easy with its commitment to excellence and meticulous attention to detail in every cleaning task.

Get started effortlessly. Request a no-obligation online quote in under a minute. Organize your cleaning requirements seamlessly through your digital devices. Rest easy knowing that our dedicated Chicago team is not just highly trained but also rigorously vetted and insured.

Schedule a consultation today to explore professional house cleaning services in Chicago that go above and beyond. Your Chicago home deserves the best, and Slate is here to deliver just that.


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