Essential Areas You Likely Forget to Clean in Your Apartment

January 21, 2022
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Miguel Zabludovsky
January 21, 2022

Let's face it. There are a lot of things that need tending to when you have an apartment. When you have a regular cleaning schedule, some things get swept under the rug (both figuratively and literally).

It's understandable to miss some spots when you have just gotten back from the hustle of the daily grind. However, it's better to keep the most-often forgotten areas in your mind so that you don't end up with months of built-up grime and dirt begging to attract pests.

If things get out of hand and these areas are neglected, you may need to get deep cleaning services.

Corners Behind Doors

If you have baseboards, you know their tendency for the slow, steady buildup of dust and dirt. However, did you know that the corners directly behind doors are also susceptible to the same buildup?

Even though we constantly interact with the doorways of our apartment, it can be easy to miss those corners if you mostly keep the door open. To keep your doorways clean, you need to sweep regularly. You also need to target the dirt and grit from the very corners by the door and wall.


Even though people may generally wipe down their oven's main parts, the entire contraption gets neglected more often. Make sure you clean the oven doors, fans, and the bottom of the oven on at least a monthly basis. The area around your oven is also susceptible to grime, so make sure you mop and sweep that area, too.

Above and Under the Fridge

You definitely shouldn't forget the area under your fridge. That area is full of dust, animal fur, and the remnants of food spills. You can even have a mold problem under and by the back of your fridge if it has high moisture and doesn't have any circulation.

Don't forget that the top of the fridge also needs to be cleaned up and wiped often, too. Whether it's left empty or has stuff stacked on it, a lot of debris and dust can build up because it's out of sight and out of mind.

Ceiling Lights

Overhead lights can be easily forgotten because they often don't collect dust and dirt as other fixtures do. When you aren't cleaning your light fixtures, they can attract bugs and even get cobwebs over time.


Blinds can get dusty and grimy quickly if they're not cleaned regularly. Aside from cleaning the slats, you also need to dust the track between the window and the window frame.

It's even easier to forget when they're out of the way.

Washing Machine

Even though you can't see the washing machine from most areas of your apartment, it does need cleaning, too. You don't want its performance and safety to become an issue out of disrepair.

Make sure you clean the surrounding areas and the actual gasket. Don't forget to clean out filters and lint traps, too.


The above areas may not seem like a big deal to clean immediately, but they can quickly become a big problem if they're totally forgotten. You don't want to have to contend with mold, rust, and pests.

If things are too complicated to stay on top of, you can always make use of regular house cleaning services. This can help you have less on your mind and have an easier time with the daily maintenance of your home.

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