All About Sonder

When hotels aren’t hip enough and hosts aren’t reliable enough — Sonder fills the gap. Sonder brings together hotel amenities without hotel formalities with their inspiring, award-winning design and modern, mobile first service. Sonder’s goal is to become the most admired hospitality brand in the world. And they are getting there quickly! This fast growing company began in Montreal but now operates in 35+ cities and 10 countries. 




The Search For A Team Player

When Sonder first came to New York City, they needed a cleaning company that functioned more like a part of their team than like an outside vendor. Their services sometimes involved last-minute reservation changes or adjustments to bookings, resulting in a need for cleaners that could respond at the drop of a hat. This is when Sonder stumbled upon the perfect team player— Slate NYC.

A Timely And Reliable Response

Sonder reached out to Slate NYC because they were looking for a cleaning service that could handle last-minute changes to their reservations and scale with their growing business. Slate NYC quickly adapted to Sonder’s needs and became part of the team. Slate NYC would receive a message from Sonder’s operations team with a need — and immediately respond with cleaners en route. 

The Formation Of A Unstoppable Partnership

Sonder quickly grew to trust and rely on the timely and reliable response of Slate NYC’s Keepers. In fact, Slate NYC provided communication so timely, it’ll feel like the Slate NYC team was working out of the same office as Sonder’s own operations team. Thanks to Slate NYC’s timely communication, understanding of specific requirements, and ability to adapt to a scaling business, Sonder and Slate formed an unstoppable partnership. 

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