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About Park Slope Childcare Collective

The Park Slope Child Care Collective is a Brooklyn based non-profit that provides full-day preschool and childcare for working parents. They use play-based learning, child-centered curricula, and emphasize the development of the whole child– including everything from social wellbeing to physical growth!




The problem

Making The Decision To Reopen Post-Pandemic

Should we re-open? What do we need to consider?

As COVID began to recede, The Park Slope Child Care Collective had a difficult decision to make— is now a safe time to reopen? In making their decision, one thing was clear. They needed to upgrade their cleaning services to keep their teachers, students, and staff safe.

The solution

A Cleaning Solution Lands In The Collective’s Lap

Unexpected benefits.

Rather serendipitously, Lauren Engel, the collective’s operations manager, received an email from Slate NYC as the non-profit pondered the possibility of reopening post-pandemic. And Slate was just the cleaning service Lauren had been looking for. “Slate stood out,” she said. “I really liked the reassurance that you guys gave us kind of about not only just cleaning but again because of COVID and the pandemic we were really feeling we needed that assurance coming back here that we would have a clean school and a safe school.”

The result

Going Beyond Expectations

Not having to think about cleaning is a game-changer..

Beyond just an impeccably clean space, Lauren also wanted cleaners with experience, an affordable service— and she wanted to work with nice people! “Slate checked all the boxes with that,” she said. Not only does she love the service, she found herself incredibly grateful for the clear communication she received. “You don’t feel you’re talking to a void,” she said. “We have good communication with [our Keepers] so if we need something— to change something, to update something—they always respond immediately and do their best to accommodate us.” For Lauren, the decision is easy, “If you need someone to come clean, you should hire Slate.”

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