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All About Maison

New York based Maison is a multi-faceted social club founded on a mission. Founder, Ashley Wu, wanted to design a "home away from home" for women to tap into their own inner needs and desires and this social club does just that for moms, wives, any any women who just need a little room for themselves. Providing beautiful modern spaces that allow the time, peace and quiet, self-prioritization, and community, Maison empowers women to turn their thougths and ideas into a reality: to work on projects, create, collaborate, and "make (really) good things happen".




A Need For Flexible Cleaning Services.

Slate was there to listen, and get the work done.

Keeping a dream space for women to learn, connect, work, and relax in tip top condition requires a lot of elbow grease. For Maison’s General Manager, Bay Hirschfield, she often found the hard work of maintaining the space landed squarely on her plate. When Bay looked to work with a variety of cleaning companies in New York City, she found many lacked the flexibility necessary to meet the needs of the private membership club. “Most agencies are more rigid,” she told Slate NYC’s CEO, Miguel Zabludovsky. She didn’t like having to fill out forms, applications and documents just to even try out a cleaning company only to find out they were unable to come at the hours she needed, provide services every day, or complete all the tasks she had in mind.

So Bay began to search out more flexible cleaning companies in NYC that could help her keep Maison’s space looking its best for all their clients to enjoy. She scoured the internet for a cleaning company where she could “share a list of requirements for the space and know that those requirements could be filled.” That’s when Bay found Slate NYC.

From Messes To Successes.

Not only did Bay find a cleaning solution, she had found the confidence she was looking for.

Bay immediately loved how easy it was to work with Slate NYC. “I didn’t have to fill out any major forms or applications. It was just very easy. You're a local cleaning company that’s very easy to work with, easy to communicate with and provides the services you claim you are going to provide,” she said. Additionally, Slate NYC’s cleaners, known as Keepers, quickly demonstrated they would go the extra mile to help Maison with any and all their cleaning needs. “One day we had a toilet that had overflowed and made a massive mess in the bathroom,” she said. “Doris, [Our Keeper] jumped right in without any hesitation to try and help me. I obviously didn’t ask that of her and she saw that there was a need and she jumped in and I so appreciated that.”

COVID-19 Cleaning Services And Beyond.

The result was a happy client, clean and quiet spaces for happy customers, and a long-term relationship built on trust and reliability.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Slate NYC was easily able to scale services to meet the specific needs of Maison. After lockdown, Maison found themselves in need of more cleaning help than before and Slate NYC easily met Maison’s requirements. “We had three different Keepers. They were all on time, if there was something that I needed done that maybe wasn’t on the general list of things, they certainly were available and ready to take that on,” said Bay. Now, as the pandemic needs have lessened, Slate NYC allows Maison the flexibility to adjust what services they receive based on their current needs. “I was looking for that flexibility,” said Bay, “I later discovered that your team is wonderful to connect with, as always, whenever I need them.”

Currently, Maison is serviced daily by one specific cleaner that they have grown close with and trust. ““We now just have our sweet Noella that I just absolutely love and adore and am so thankful for,” said Bay. With Slate NYC and Noella’s help, Maison’s co-working space is a healthy environment where everyone can be happy, productive, and thriving.

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