Yogi members finding their "HUM" at Humming Puppy

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= The Humming Soundscape


Cleans to keep the space ~humming~

About Humming Puppy

Humming Puppy is a collective of yoga studios, founded in Australia they opened their first 2 studios in Sydney back in 2015, and opened in NYC in 2018. It's a yoga haven that offers the fundamental principles of breath-pranayama, movement-asana, and awareness-meditation where yogis from all types of backgrounds practice, and in simple ways it's more than just the physical practice. All can benefit from the peaceful atmosphere found in-studio, offering a journey of sensations that contrast the fast-paced hustle and bustle of the outside world, especially in their New York studio located at 119 W 23rd St, Unit 200, FL 2, New York, NY 10011.

You can read more about their journey and the science behind the HUM here. And you can go here to book your class!




The problem

It can be really hard to find reliable and competent cleaners, which is a common theme in the fitness community.

"Our old client was non-responsive, and finding a good cleaning company was a big task and was very frustrating."

Humming Puppy wanted reliable and competent cleaners who were responsive and had that human-touch in their service model. Starting out, the cleaning company that was already working with Humming Puppy when Renee started was not up to the standards the business hoped for, and finding a new cleaner was one of her first tasks which proved to be difficult. In Renee's search for a new cleaner, most companies she encountered were non-responsive, and she said it felt like they just didn't care about the sale or the partnership. 'We've all been frustrated yelling through a phone,  "Human! Operator!"'.

The problem is that cleaning companies who advertise themselves as one thing online, often are not delivering their services as promised. Many times this can be due to lack of a good foundation at that company. If cleaning companies are not properly insured or bonded, are not performing background checks, and then are constantly bringing in different contractors, customers have to worry about new people entering their space, the service becomes unreliable and tasks are skipped because the new keepers are not familiar with the space or duties needed to fulfill the job. Not to mention good customer service is hard to come by.

The solution

Slate came to the rescue to provide exactly what Humming Puppy had been looking for when it comes to customer service, consistency, and reliability.

Having a positive experience with Slate is like being in therapy where you can finally relax and say, "OK I can trust people again."

Renee expressed her appreciation for Slate. "The website is very sleek, having the app is a HUGE plus, it was very swift setting up the initial job, and what a display of outstanding customer service!" Slate's CEO Miguel was Renee's first point-of-contact after submitting her online request for service, which instantly gave her confidence that she is safe putting her faith in Slate, and it has been a positive experience since then. Slate was able to seamlessly tie into Humming Puppy and accommodate their ideal cleaning schedule, without pushing extra hours, but simply by listening and providing what was needed. "The onboarding was all very swift", says Renee.

Humming Puppy was of course working within a certain budget, and although Slate's quote was just a little higher than some other quotes, Renee had such a good feeling about Slate that there was no question in her mind to go in a different direction.

The result

Humming Puppy is able to serve their community more mindfully knowing Slate is taking care of the job that needs to be done behind the scenes.

"Slate is a lovely solution that we can provide to our community because Slate is showing up for us."

After the trauma of other cleaners not showing up, forgetting to show up, not being responsive, or missing something during their session, Renee could assure her team that they don't have to do double work anymore because Slate is going to show up and do a good job.

Renee has repeatedly expressed her genuine appreciation for Slate. "You can tell [Slate] really truly cares about customer service. I'll take that over someone who may be cheaper, but then is going to be a pain to deal with and not do a good job." By providing "outstanding customer service" Slate serves as a "lovely" solution that allows businesses to show up for their members and community, because Slate is showing up for them.

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