About Common

Common is a NYC-based company that matches city residents with private apartments and coliving spaces. Their beautiful private rooms are in shared suites in friendly homes and are a cheaper option than traditional renting. Plus, every coliving home offered on Common’s website comes fully furnished with a high-end kitchen, basic supplies, on-site laundry, property services and … regular cleaning!




A Struggle To Find Affordable Yet Professional Cleaning Services

When Common decided to offer cleaning services with their coliving spaces, they ran into a problem. They needed affordable cleaning services. As many NYC residents know, the words “affordable” and “NYC '' generally aren’t found in the same sentence. Affordable cleaning services is no exception, as Common found out while looking to hire a cleaning provider for their growing business. Many cleaning companies charge by the job, lock clients into expensive contracts, or include hidden fees. Common needed to find a more flexible and transparent cleaning service to partner with.

Slate Works Within Your Budget

Common came to Slate NYC with the need for affordable cleaning services in their shared living spaces— and Slate came up with a plan that would provide their customers with outstanding cleaning services at a reasonable cost. Better yet, Slate offered no contracts, no hidden fees— and charged by the hour! From new businesses working on a budget to well-established companies focused on improving their bottom line, Slate NYC understands that cost matters to everyone. That’s why Slate offers transparent and affordable pricing to all their customers.

Great Service, At A Fraction Of The Cost

Slate NYC not only took Common’s needs into account— Slate blew their expectations out of the water. Slate did more than save Common money on labor costs, cleaning products, and property maintenance. Slate also provided exceptional, reliable,and flexible cleaning services. That’s because Slate NYC strongly believes clients should use their services because they love the results, not just because Slate NYC is cheaper than the competition.

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Slate was exactly the sort of partner we needed, right from the start.

Arthur Shmulevsky
Senior General Manager
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