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Slate is the cleaning service of choice for savvy business owners, directors of facilities and operations managers for the worlds best-run companies.  If you run, work at or live in a space that needs to be cleaned, Slate is for you.
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The last cleaning company you’ll ever need.

Most people who come to us are either just starting searching for a cleaning company or are at the end of their thread with their current one. Either way, Slate is a fresh start.
For many of these companies, Slate strikes the right balance between being super techy and old-school, between being a huge company and the right size (with nationwide coverage), between constantly bugging you to “rate your cleaner” and proactively communicating (on Slack!), and between being fully remote and local-only. All for a fair, clear and transparent price.

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No more not knowing. at slate, the information about the cleaning is as important as the cleaning itself.

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Solve cleaning once, and for all.

Used by the worlds most innovative companies to solve cleaning once and for all.  Every year we complete over 55,000 cleanings for hundreds of companies like these:
Here's what one facility manager at an art gallery had to say about working with Slate:
“I’ve used Slate for over 7 years. It’s a beautiful team and software that has resisted every wrong trend and stayed true to the things that mattered most. Highly recommended.”
Amy Sinclair,

Ops Manager
Want to learn how we find and motivate our amazing cleaners, no matter where they live in?
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Here, there and everywhere.

From Arizona to San Francisco, and everything in between, Slate crews clean where you live and work. We spin up and manage cleaning crews in over 15 cities in the US, all supported by an amazing Cleaner support team.
Slate also helps you consolidate billing, cut costs, simplify onboarding and standardize cleaning outcomes, no matter where the cleaning happens, so you get local expertise, centralized QA and support at scale.
Cities we currently clean in:
What does a chain of dental clinics in New York have in common with a children's museum in San Diego?
They both cut costs and reduced time spent on cleaning management by 30% when they switched to Slate.
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Good housekeeping
starts at home.

Cleaning one place once is easy; running a well-oiled cleaning operation over multiple locations throughout the US takes skill and practice - and that’s what we bring to the table.
15 profitable, financially responsible years in business.
Not a marketplace; all cleaners are Slate employees.
ISSA- certified, this is a big deal!
Give back to the communities we live and work in
Email our CEO anytime, as well. He wants to hear from you.
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Companies where cleaning is
mission-critical, or at least, mildly important, chose Slate.

We asked our customers if they were up for sharing what their experience with Slate was like on video. 3 of them felt obligated enough to say yes. Here’s what happened next: