About Frederic Fekkai

Frederic Fekkai dreamed of a salon that enveloped the concept of beauty hospitality, revolutionized the industry standard, and developed the most sustainable hair care solutions possible. And with that dream in mind, he opened his namesake salon atop New York’s Bergdorf Goodman Department store! Since then, Frederic Fekkai salons have become changemakers in the beauty space— innovating for a cleaner future together




The Search For A Trustworthy Cleaning Service

From employee tip envelopes to top-of-the-line products, the Frederic Fekkai salon is home to a variety of high-value items. After noticing some of these items missing after a cleaning service left, it became a priority for the salon to find a cleaning service they could trust. In addition, the salon needed cleaners to be available early each morning to clean the space before their first appointments. 

Finding The Right Company For The Job

The management at Frederic Fekkai came to Slate NYC, letting Slate know that trustworthiness was one of the most important factors to them when selecting a cleaning company. They quickly decided they could trust Slate NYC to get the job done right. Slate NYC had a background of working with clients who have expensive products in their home and business. Slate could also provide the same Keepers each and every day to clean their space, to help build a trusting relationship.  

Gaining Trust— And Then Some

Slate provided Frederic Fekkai with the same trustworthy cleaners coming to their business every weekday at 5am, rolling up their sleeves, and putting in the elbow grease needed to make the hair salon sparkle just in time for opening. By meeting the needs of Frederic Fekkai, on their schedule and offering thorough, daily cleanings from reliable cleaners— Slate and Frederic Fekkai’s relationship became a professional match made in heaven!

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