The Cost of Not Hiring a House Cleaner for Parents


Like most parents, you probably make an effort to save money for things you deem more important for your family. That means you’d rather do something yourself than hire somebody to do it for you. One of the things you might take on as your responsibility is cleaning the house.

But have you ever thought about what it costs you to handle your house cleaning? Now that most parents are working from home, they believe that they’d be able to take on more chores because they’re home anyway. But the thing is, if you spend an hour or two cleaning, you could be losing between $50 to $100 by not working when you could.

Of course, it’s not just money that you could be losing by taking on the responsibility of cleaning your house. Here are some other things you’d be giving up when you spend hours cleaning:

Time You Could Spend Bonding with Your Family

Since you’re already home all day, why not spend more time with your children? You could play board games together, teach them how to knit, or help them with their homework. Think about how much time you could be spending with them if you just hire someone to clean your house for you.

Just like you should spend more time with your children, you should also spend more time with your spouse. Unfortunately, the opportunity to have quality time with your partner is likely spent cleaning the kitchen or the bathroom.

Time Your Body Could Use to Get Physical and Mental Rest

While we all need to do some form of physical activity, doing it every day can be detrimental to our bodies, especially if we’re not used to it. Your body needs a break from cleaning so you can rest and relax. Not only that, but you also need to take a break from your hectic life.

It’s not just your soul that needs to be refreshed. Your body, mind, and spirit also benefit from quality rest. When you spend all your day cleaning, you won’t rest and absorb the other benefits of quality rest. Instead, you’ll be filled with physical and mental stress. That will not only make you feel terrible but will also slow down your productivity.

Time You Can Use to Hone Your Skills for Career Improvement or Business

If you can’t improve your skills, you’re pretty much stuck in the same position as before. You’ll be able to keep your job, but that’s pretty much it. You might find that you need to re-evaluate your career goals at some point in your life. If you don’t even have the time to hone your skills, you won’t be able to do that.

If you plan to start your own business or even simply work for yourself, you’ll need to invest a lot of your time and effort in it. Cleaning your house could take up a lot of your time, which means that you’ll be unable to focus on your business.

Time You Can Spend on Self-Care

If you have a few hours to spare, you can use that time to take a bath, read a book, meditate, work out, go to the spa, or do any other self-care activity that you prefer.

Many people feel guilty about hiring a cleaning service. After all, they think that they’re just being lazy. But in truth, most people who hire a cleaning service are pretty busy. They’re just trying to find ways to take care of themselves better and get more things done.


Cleaning your house doesn’t just take time and effort. It’s also going to cost you more than you think. If you think about the things you’re giving up when you spend hours cleaning, you’ll see that there are plenty of things you could be doing with your time that could be more productive. And since time is money, you could also argue that there’s a lot of money you’d be losing from not working or from not working efficiently.

The next time you think about taking on the responsibility of cleaning the house, think about what you could be doing with the time you could save by hiring house cleaning services. You could be using that time for quality family time, improving your career, or just improving your personal life.

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September 13, 2021

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